Local News
In an effort to continue to promote safety and security for all residents of the community, the City of Columbia installed radar in all police vehicles during the first quarter of this year. 
“This is the first time in over 20 years that the city police has had radar units,” said Chief Jason Cross with the Columbia City Police Department. He noted that the units were procured with funding that the city receives from the alcohol beverage tax.
During the past 5 weeks, close to 60 citations have been written by the department with speeding. “We have had officers say that some are going 80 to over 90 miles an hour on the bypass,” said Mayor Pamela Hoots. “We originally started the process with courtesy notices; but, citations are being written by officers. We are trying to encourage drivers to slow down.”
Chief Cross notes that safety is the primary concern of the local police. “We want to ensure that our residents are safe on the roadways and in their homes in our town.”